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Exanimate "Darknes" EP Announced

Heavy metal group Exanimate have spent the last months not only moving across the entire United States and completing their lineup, they have been writing and working harder than ever on their latest effort in "Darknes"

An EP to release worldwide on LEGEND Recordings 6/5/2020. With singles "Darknes" and "Grief Box" already delivering ruthless aggression! This is one not to miss for true raw heavy-metal fans.

You can pre-save "Darknes" here and stream the two already released tracks in "

Originating from SW Michigan, Exanimate brings raw emotion and power through their take on heavy music. A vast array of influence has molded Exanimate's sound into a force that is genuine and unique to their genre. Featuring members Alec Skyler Journey - Guitar/Vocals

Alex Zapata - Vocals. Stay tuned for more to come!