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S/CK sign to LEGEND Recordings

S/CK is a fresh new band spawing from the United States. This Slamming deathcore group pushes bone crunching instrumentals with heavy hitting dynamic vocals. Utilizing two vocalists. The group made their entry into the scene with their song "Point of Impact" and announcing their signing to Legend Recordings. S/CK is gearing up to release their debut album, "Transcendence Through Suffering" in 2020. The group does have plans to hit the road when the time is right.

"In November 2018 one of our vocalist was in a pretty horrific car accident with a tractor trailer. He got banged up with multiple broken bones and had a bone sticking out of his skin. He also slammed his head into a windshield, putting a huge gap in the glass. He spent a long time recovering and in the process S/CK was formed. This song is the first song we written as a band. We wanted to write about the tragedy and suffering he went through in the moment of Impact." - S/CK

"Point of Impact" tackles the moment of Impact in a head on accident that one of the members suffered in late 2018. Turning tragedy into art seems to be the goal for S/CK.

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