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Eradius "In The End" Video and Single

Italy's hard-rock duo Eradius are making a strong impact with the debut single and music video for "In The End"

Filmed and Directed by Francesco Ferri Faggioli, Edited by Simone Tabarini, and Produced by Roll In Production Group

"In The End" gives a look into the band performing as well capture your own meaning through the story. "In The End" is available now on all platforms worldwide. You can watch the video here!

"This blues-rock track is more a platonic kind of love than a promise. The end game is that no matter what two people who love each other go through, they will always be connected until the end in some sort of way.

In the video, we wanted to represent this by showing the two different sides of the same coin. By this, we mean the loving and caring part - which is usually what is seen from an external point of view - in contrast with a more intimate and gritty side of the relationship.

Overall, it has also a general message for the lonely quarantine-based times we are going through. We must be united in our individuality, and we will come out stronger than before." -Vocalist Richard Dylan Ponte


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