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Inferzenal Premiers "Waiting" Single!

Mexico's Inferzenal is back with a brand new video and single on LEGEND Recordings!

"Waiting" is the first single this year from Inferzenal. While a whole year of touring, shows, and festivals in Mexico through 2019, the band headed to the studio to compose what seems to be their most groundbreaking album!

The upcoming effort is full of fresh ideas and different genre influences that make up their unique style. Inferzenal is having a blast with rap, funk, and alt-metal vibes, that simply combine and bring us this new flavor of genre.

Inferzenal decided that this single and most of their upcoming songs will be written in English to further focus on audience in America. This year, the band will be working through our path at Legend Recordings…. (plans with the band, social media, upcoming gigs, and tour).

"Waiting" stands for an opportunity to get rid of every toxic relation, not just as a couple, but any relationship that needs to be over. This is the exact moment when you realize that person is not going to change, but you need to move on." says vocalist Crow Valdes.


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