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KILL DEVIL HILL "Seas Of Oblivion" Out Now Worldwide!

Kill Devil Hill has just released its highly anticipated third album titled "Seas Of Oblivion"

KILL DEVIL HILL's third album, "Seas Of Oblivion", released on September 20. The LP, which was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by engineer Chris Collier, combines classic hard rock with tinges of metal and ultimately bridges the gap between contemporary and classic metal. Comparable to groups like SOUNDGARDEN and ALICE IN CHAINS, KILL DEVIL HILL showcases its ability to experiment with many different styles in this album and push the envelope on what is expected — keeping things fresh and exciting for their fans.

KILL DEVIL HILL has already released four singles from "Seas Of Oblivion": "Playing With Fire", "Blood In The Water", "You Can't Kill Me California", and "Before The Devil Knows".

You can stream the album as well secure physical copies here!


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