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LEGEND Recordings Acquires We Are Triumphant Records Catalog

Chris Bianchi, founder of Legend Recordings, has announced its acquisition in an extensive catalog from independent, LA based, rock and metal record label We Are Triumphant from founder and CEO, Greg Long.

While terms of the deal were not fully disclosed, sources say it’s estimated in the $1-3 Million Dollar range by analysts and included over 700 Master Recordings.

We Are Triumphant’s master recording catalog include artists such as Neck Deep, Point North, Enterprise Earth, Coletta, and more but it is unknown what titles were included in the acquisition at this time.

We Are Triumphant was founded in 2010 by Greg Long from a college Apartment in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. Since its inception, they’ve gone on to garner hundreds of thousands of album sales and millions of streams as well views on social media platforms. The label is presently partnered with Sony Music’s The Orchard for Global Distribution.

Legend Recordings founder Chris Bianchi explains; “Greg’s love for music and the development of talent within these genres is incredibly inspiring. He’s certainly made a very large impact in the rock and metal realms. I’ve gotten to know him over the years and respect his continued hard work ethic. We are Legend look forward to be the next creative manager of this catalogue, as well as ensuring all of the artists that have been part of We Are Triumphant feel very much at home with Legend Recordings.”

When asked about the new deal, We Are Triumphant CEO Greg Long had this to say; “I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Bianchi for almost a decade now. His leadership is strong, and Legend have a great team. A strong infrastructure, the financial backing and support to further continue supporting the music and entertainment assets that they represent. My team at We Are Triumphant, and a portion of our catalog will be remaining intact as we embark, going forward, on our new and existing business journeys.”


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