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LEGEND Recordings Welcomes Alex Embler

LEGEND Recordings is proud to welcome the up and coming pop artist Alex Embler to their worldwide artist roster.

With the signing announcement, the debut upcoming single "Rich Girl" to release through all retailers on September 25,2020. You can catch a sneak peak of the song and pre-save it today!

"I’m extremely excited about joining the Legend Family. The team we have assembled is beyond strong, and I’m so confident that together, we will accomplish some amazing things! I’m stoked about what we have planned, and where we can take it!" -Alex Embler

Alex Embler is bringing a brand new sound to Nashville. Like many others before him, Alex moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of making great music, but he believes that he has something new to add to the scene. Born and raised in North Carolina, Alex had a southern upbringing and lived and breathed baseball. Music lived deep in Alex’s heart, but he waited until the timing was right to truly chase after his dream. After Alex’s professional baseball career came to an end, he was ready. Alex quickly achieved regional success in Washington D.C. as the singer of a metal band, while also running his own business as a booking agent. Never one to color inside the lines, Alex is now merging musical genres with no apologies. Though he was raised in the South, and sang in a metal band, Alex cites pop and R&B as strong influences in his music. His original material reflects these influences but is delivered in an alternative rock vibe with deep and meaningful lyrics that tell the story of his life...


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