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Paul Bartolome "Reflections" Deluxe Edition

United Kingdom’s Paul Bartolome has stayed beyond busy over the last few years. After headlining a successful tour around the U.K. and headlining a stage at the sold-out Inkcarceration Festival in America. There’s no sign of slowing down for Paul and his team.

Working alongside some of the biggest names in rock music today like Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens and Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria to name a few on song features.

Introducing the “Reflections” Deluxe edition will feature tracks from the two EP’s in Part 1 and Part 2 as well a Bonus never before seen or heard single addition! This is the only physical copy of the album to be created and offered to fans in an exclusive and limited edition first print.

2023 will see Paul Bartolome continuing on the road, with soon tons of live events to be announced, new content, and tons to come- keep your eye on him for he’s just getting started.

Limited “Reflections” Deluxe Bundles are available for Pre-Order through LEGEND Recordings at


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