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S/CK Debut Animated Video for "Plague"

Ohio heavy metal group S/CK have beyond pushed the envelope with their exciting new music video for "Plague"

A gory and extreme hard-hitting cartoon short film about destroying zombies!

"Plague was written in late 2019 shortly before we released Point of Impact. The song was lyrically inspired by the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul. The video is what really makes this song take a whole new form. The video is concepted around the lyrics, and a apocalypse with us turning to get to safety inside the stadium. In the video we try to fight off the infected but give in to the corruption around us. Something we all has humans should never do, give into corruption. We gave Motus Insaniam the story idea and concept and they turned it what it is today, and we absolutely love it." -Jordan Swickard (Vocalist)


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